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Enable modern authentication for Exchange Online via PowerShell

Modern authentication is disabled in Exchange Online in Office 365  by default. However, you are quite likely to want modern authentication, because modern authentication in Office 365 enables authentication features like multi-factor authentication (MFA) using smart cards, certificate-based authentication, and

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Enable modern authentication for Skype for Business Online via PowerShell

Modern authentication is disabled in Skype for Business Online in Office 365  by default. However, you can enable it via PowerShell. The article explaining how to enable modern authentication in Skype for Business in Office 365 is missing a small

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5 ways to secure your SQL data in Microsoft Azure

Data security in the cloud is of chief concern not only to healthcare and financial services, but anyone with sensitive data of any kind that should only be disclosed to authorized parties. No discussion of enterprise security would be complete

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Remoting in Azure Automation Runbooks (SQL DB Creation sample)

I find that using PowerShell remoting in my Azure automation runbooks is sometimes more convenient, as it eliminates the need to install and update additional PowerShell modules on my OMS hybrid runbook worker. For future reference, I wanted to capture an

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Searching files in a zip archive in memory with PowerShell

I found myself tonight needing to build a function to search the contents of text files in a very large zip archive to find one containing a specific value. To handle the operation quickly, I wanted to perform the operation

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Creating (and deleting) checkpoints for multi-VM sets in Hyper-V

When writing custom PowerShell DSC, I am typically working with complex configurations that involve not only multiple software installs, but database creation and domain join, resulting in changes on multiple VMs. In order to rollback operations on a front-end server,

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Install SQL Server Mgmt Studio (SSMS) with PowerShell

Below for reference is a quick PowerShell sample for downloading and installing SQL Server 2016 Management Studio (SSMS). While this component used to be included in the SQL Server installer, it is now a separate download. Questions or comments? Use the

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3 Truths of Modern Enterprise Security

The threat landscape, specifically the types and sources of threats, has changed significantly in the last few years. There are a number of readily identifiable causal factors, including:  Changes in technology. The introduction of new technology results in weaknesses that

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Azure Automation Runbook to Add Computer to ConfigMgr Collection

Below for reference a quick PowerShell sample for adding a computer to a device collection in System Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) via Azure Automation runook, designed for use on an OMS Hybrid Runbook Worker. It uses WMI, and so does not

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Switch from dynamic IP to IP Pool in VMM 2016

Recently I migrated a VM from standalone Hyper-V server in 2016 to a Hyper-V cluster managed by Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) 2016. The VM was using DHCP for addressing and I wanted to flip it to get its address from

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